During the trip working with Can Tho University, the delegation from the University of Adelaide (Australia) paid a visit to Can Tho University of Technology (CTUT) in the morning of July 11th 2016. The delegation was warmly welcomed by Dr. Duong Thai Cong, Rector of CTUT, and the representatives of the Rectorate Board and International Relations Department                      

              CTUT Retorate Board and the delegation of University of Adelaide had an intimate meeting and exchanged information of the two universities in order to find common points and look for potential for cooperation in certain areas, especially in the field of postgraduate education in technical majors. With the mission of training and improving the high-tech human resources for Can Tho city as well as Mekong Delta area, CTUT looks forward to accessing and cooperating with advanced educational institutes and universities all over the world, and Australia is a place where CTUT lecturers and students would like to study and research. 

The University of Adelaide is among the top quality universities in the world, and among the top 08 universities in Australia. Established in 1874, the University is a multidisciplinary and multi-sector public university, and there are over 25,000 students in the university today. Being an international university with many students and graduate students from many countries, the University considers the meeting with CTUT as a good chance to understand more about the students and graduate students from Vietnam.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the two universities would like to continue the contact and learn more information of the two institutions, which can potentially lead to long-term and sustainable cooperation in the future./.



From Office of International Relations




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